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Emmanuel I. Laskaridis, Attorney at Law, studied at the Law School of Athens University and continued with postgraduate studies atHeidelberg University, Faculty of Law. He titled his interdisciplinary doctoral thesis, “Die ärztliche Dokumentationspflicht und elektronische Datenverarbeitung” („Electronic Patient’s Card. The duty of Medical Recording and the electronic data process“). His postdoctoral research included “The theory of the Consideration of Interests as a method of discovery of Private Law” (under publication), while at the same time he is the editor of the collective work “The Interpretation of the Medical Code of Conduct (N. 3418/2005)”, 2013. From 1992 until the present day he has delivered multiple speeches in Greece and abroad and has taken part in over 50 seminars, conferences and conventions concerning matters of civil and medical law. His last speeches were referring to “Liability grounded on omissions or alterations in Medical Certificates” (Nicosia, 18-2-2017), “Major neurological diseases and legal capacity” (Vitina of Arcadia, 18-3-2017),“Civil Liability in Telemedicine” (Thessaloniki, World Medical Conference, 5-5-2017), “Technology and medical responsibility” (Drama, 17-5-2016),

His  publications, which amount to more than 25 (including 1 dissertation, 1 edition of the publication of a collective work and participating in a 20% proportion, and 8 participations in collective works), in the German, French, English and Greek language are widely discussed and quoted in textbooks even during conferences. His last publications are referring to Genom Editing (in German), Patient’s Information and Consent to New Treatment Methods (in English) and Civil Liability for Medical Malpractice by the Use of Medical Devices (in Greek). He has become a member of legislative committees concerning matters of Public Health and National Insurance, both in the ad hoc Committee of the Greek Parliament as well as of the Ministry of Health, and the National Authority of Assisted Reproduction Technology, of whom is a member since April 2014.

He is an attorney of the Supreme Court of Greece and practices law in Athens. He holds a PhD in Civil Law by the Heidelberg University, Faculty of Law. After concluding his internship with Professor Apostolos Georgiadis’ Law Firm, he became a member of the Bar Association in Athens in February 1998. He has handled cases of every kind in Civil, Medical, Sports Law, and Data Protection, as well as a limited number of Administrative, Commercial and Criminal Law cases. He has been a Scientific Assistant at the Faculty of Law at the University of Thrace and Athens (in General Principles of Civil Law and Contract Law),  a Lecturer in the Public School of Public Administration (Health Section), and a Legal Expert at the Greek Ombudsman and the Hellenic Data Protection Authority.

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