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Biolaw And Biotechnology:The Crossroads Of Science And Regulation, Online Course April 11 – 23, 2021

ELGS – European Law & Governance School

Can we “do things with rules”? Is the existing legal framework appropriate for ensuring a balance between the Bioeconomy potential and the protection of key values? Can modern Biotechnology support a growth based on the efficient use of resources within the Green Deal context? Can it improve the public health with noval vaccines and pharmaceuticals in the frame of precision medicine, and guarantee a healthy food supply? How do we measure and assess their impact on the environment, on social issues and on governance?

Learning outcomes

Participants (lawyers, medical doctors, research professionals, managers, advisors in Pharma Food, Energy, Healt, Argicultutral Industry, members of NGOs, civil servants, students etc.) should be able to:

-Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts of sustainable development, the EU Green Deal, biotechnology trends, and bioeconomy.

-Understand the vital role of regulation in relevant policies, with reference to the principles of contemporary biolaw and bioethics.

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In Collaboration with: EPLOEuropean Public Law Organisation/Institute for Sustainable Development.

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