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Better Access To Products And Services For People With Disabilities In The EU

The draft “European Accessibility Act” (EAA) sets out requirements to make a number of products and services more accessible. The list includes:

  • ticketing and check-in machines,
  • ATMs,
  • PCs and operating systems,
  • phones and TV equipment,
  • consumer banking services,
  • e-books,
  • e-commerce,
  • transport, including public urban transport such as underground, rail, tramway, trolleybus and bus, and the related services, MEPs clarified,
  • other items, such as payment terminals, e-book readers, websites and mobile device-based services offered by audiovisual media and tourism services were added by MEPs.

The EAA will outline what needs to be accessible, but will not impose detailed technical solutions as to how to make it accessible, thus allowing for innovation.

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